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The Finished Project

By the time the challenge period was coming to a close I was slightly pressed for time.  There was a total of ten different patterns to create a square and a minimum of two of each square had to be in the project.

Then the squares had to be sewn together … or did they?   Did you know that you can crochet the squares together?  Having some gold yarn left over from my squares I used these to create a raised edging around the squares which I find really sets off each square.

Then came the border which had to have a minimum of four rounds.   Running out of time and wool this was a challenge I could have done without.  In the end I did a basic crochet border (and then later cried when I saw the beautiful way the other participants of the challenge finished theirs).

So this is how mine finished up.   It looks better in real life.

Finished Afghan Crochet Challenge

As a relative newbie to the crocheting world I am delighted to have learned so many different patterns.    I could not have done it without the accompanying videos and can say with hand on heart that I am no longer afraid to try out more advanced techniques.   They may not turn out the way the pattern creator visualised, but at the end of the day I am one step closer to being a proper crocheting person.

 The workbook for the challenge is here.  It has links to all the patterns and videos.

Plus if you go to the Crochet Crowd website you can see all the entries to the challenge.  See if you can spot my entry.   Marvel at the adaptions to the free patterns that people made.


Stich-cation Summer Challenge 2014

Stich-cation Summer Challenge 2014

The Crochet Crowds summer challenge starts tomorrow 1st July and I am quite excited.  I have my 5mm crochet hook, 9 balls of wool of different colours and a bundle of new project enthusiasm.

This time around we will be making an afghan and learning 10 new stitch combinations.   As a person who only took up a crochet hook last year this is a great way for me to learn new techniques.

There is a nice workbook to download showing you the different squares to make, along with links to the written pattern and a tutorial video for each square.

In case you missed the link it is

For the challenge you have to make each square at least twice.   As I am a beginner I will do one square in one colour and for the second square use multiple colours.     This is subject to change depending on how difficult I find the stitches or how often I change my mind.