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Attic24 Cosy Blanket – First five colours

I am well under way with following the pattern for Lucy’s Cosy Blanket.   If you are following the crochet-along and using her colour list for each row then you will be aware that she posted the next section this morning.

Here is the link if you missed it. Attic24 Cosy Blanket Part 2.

So what mistakes have I done?  Well, you know where you are supposed to check your width after the first row?     Oops I forgot to do this.  The wool supplied is for a blanket 120cm in width.  Mine is 130cm.   I guess somewhere in my future I am going to be ordering more wool!

I am loving the colour selection.  Lovely Autumn colours.  My favourite.  Ok who am I kidding, there is purple/pink coming up.  /shudder    Never fear I will persevere and close my eyes when doing those colours.

First seven colours

First seven colours

My wrist is slightly sore today and my stitches (lime green) are not as tight as they should be as I compensate to reduce the pain.  That too will add to the wool usage, but I am not a perfectionist (yet).

Do you see what looks like bobbles in the picture?  The whole blanket is done in the one stitch.  Two rows of single stitches and two rows of clusters (three stiches).   The bobble effect is an optical illusion caused by the angle the photo was taken.