Another crochet masterpiece in progress.

Back Loops

Stich-cation Summer Challenge

On to the fourth new stitch.  Using the back loop to create ridges.

This was a reasonably easy pattern to do.  Once you get used to using only the back loop of the stitch you are crocheting into you can fly through the square easily.

Back Loops.

Back Loops.



Stitch-cation Summer Challenge

This was an interesting one for me as I miscalculated on the stitches.  This meant I had extra posts, but by the time I realised I was doing something wrong I was a good way in to the square.   That will teach me to read the pattern before watching the video.

What I liked about this square was that the pattern was only on one side.

Front Post Trebles

Front Post Trebles


You will also see that I have tried to change the colour as I go.



Red Hearts Free Pattern for Peppermint Throw and Pillow look interesting.

I am not sure my skill is up to making it yet, but I see there is a training video for the patter.  Which looking again at it is by Mikey from the Crochet Crowd.   

This is one for my pattern book of future projects.

Found this link regarding Crochet Terms in US, UK, Danish and German.

My next two crochet square from the challenge are Granny Squares.   In this version you complete one row around a square and then turning the piece, you complete another row.

Pattern Details and Video Instruction can be found at the Crochet Crowd Website link for the Stitch-cation Summer Challenge.



Popcorn Stitch 2 Popcorn stitch

Have finished two popcorn stitch squares for the sampler afghan.     I seem to be having trouble making them square.  I guess the starting chain was too loose.
Written instructions and videos for the free patterns are here.



Stich-cation Summer Challenge 2014

The Crochet Crowds summer challenge starts tomorrow 1st July and I am quite excited.  I have my 5mm crochet hook, 9 balls of wool of different colours and a bundle of new project enthusiasm.

This time around we will be making an afghan and learning 10 new stitch combinations.   As a person who only took up a crochet hook last year this is a great way for me to learn new techniques.

There is a nice workbook to download showing you the different squares to make, along with links to the written pattern and a tutorial video for each square.

In case you missed the link it is

For the challenge you have to make each square at least twice.   As I am a beginner I will do one square in one colour and for the second square use multiple colours.     This is subject to change depending on how difficult I find the stitches or how often I change my mind.