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Crochet Cross Stitch

tStitch-cation Summer Challenge

The next stitch I have learned during the Crochet Crowds Stitch-cation Summer Challenge is the Cross Stitch.   It is so easy to do.

Basically you skip a stitch, do a treble into the next two stitches and then do a treble into the stitch you skipped.  That creates the single cross stitch.  You repeat this across the square.    The first row is the cross stitch and the second row is a basic crochet stitch.

Note that this is not two stitches creating a cross but one stitch crossing over in front of the two stitches you just did.  Simple.

I first did this in a single colour, but for my second square I alternated my colours every two rows.  Alternating the colours made it easier to see where you were in the pattern, but between me and you sewing all those ends in is not something I enjoy.  There is a reason I never took up sewing.

Cross Stitch

    Cross Stitch

IMG_0069 IMG_0070

This is the view from the back.


Back Loops

Stich-cation Summer Challenge

On to the fourth new stitch.  Using the back loop to create ridges.

This was a reasonably easy pattern to do.  Once you get used to using only the back loop of the stitch you are crocheting into you can fly through the square easily.

Back Loops.

Back Loops.


Front Post Trebles

Stitch-cation Summer Challenge

This was an interesting one for me as I miscalculated on the stitches.  This meant I had extra posts, but by the time I realised I was doing something wrong I was a good way in to the square.   That will teach me to read the pattern before watching the video.

What I liked about this square was that the pattern was only on one side.

Front Post Trebles

Front Post Trebles


You will also see that I have tried to change the colour as I go.



Crochet Terms

Found this link regarding Crochet Terms in US, UK, Danish and German.

Crochet Unique Granny Square

My next two crochet square from the challenge are Granny Squares.   In this version you complete one row around a square and then turning the piece, you complete another row.

Pattern Details and Video Instruction can be found at the Crochet Crowd Website link for the Stitch-cation Summer Challenge.




Crochet Popcorn Stitch

Popcorn Stitch 2 Popcorn stitch

Have finished two popcorn stitch squares for the sampler afghan.     I seem to be having trouble making them square.  I guess the starting chain was too loose.
Written instructions and videos for the free patterns are here.



Crochet Stitch Guide UK and US

UK   US  
miss skip
chain ch chain ch
single crochet sc slip stitch ss
double crochet dc single crochet sc
half treble crochet htr half double crochet hdc
treble crochet tr double crochet dc
double treble crochet dtr treble crochet tr
triple treble crochet ttr double treble crochet dtr